Brave Girl – #bravegirlgogo4jojo

With Sandy Emberland’s permission (JoAnne’s beautiful mother), a hashtag has been created in memory of JoAnne Franzenburg and we would like to ask you to continue to share this beautiful brave girl’s story along with this hashtag.  Please feel free to add your memories, words of encouragement and love for Sandy and family, as well as your own stories when sharing: #bravegirlgogo4jojo

Since the creation of JoAnne’s “Brave Girl” video last week, it has been viewed 1036 times in the United States, Canada, Sweden and Taiwan!  Sandy said that JoAnne would love to know that people are aware of triple negative breast cancer.  It is no surprise that she is still spreading light all over this world.

Some of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting have faced unimaginable battles and walked through them with grace and dignity. April Samuels, JoAnne Franzenburg, Dahlia Garcia, Paul MeuserShirley Gallegos, Taylor Renee Helland, Donna Brooks, my great aunt Hazel, my grandma Donna Murphy and the list goes on…
Though each of these individual battles have been different, the majority have faced rare and aggressive forms of cancer. Two of the beautiful individuals I mentioned above lost their courageous battles with triple negative breast cancer within the past three months, beautiful Dahlia and our “Brave Girl JoAnne.”
April Samuels, Dahlia Garcia and JoAnne were all three diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer called triple negative breast cancer ( but they didn’t let that slow them down. These courageous women recently participated in a worldwide webcast through the The Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Foundation where they shared their incredible stories. April founded The Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Foundation ( after her own diagnosis in 2010 and made it her mission to help find a cure for breast cancer. She is now the sole survivor of that beautiful trio and we would love nothing more than to help her and our courageous gaurdian angles with that mission.  

Please share this post and put these beautiful faces out there.  They need us fighting right along beside them.
JoAnne LIVED this life the way we all should, bold, fearless and kind! Just watch the video below to see for yourself, and that is only a brief glimpse into one very “brave girl’s” life!  “As long as we live, you live.  As long as we live, you will be remembered.  As long as we live, you will be loved.”

“She fought like a girl with grace and dignity and laughed in the face of fear.  So loved.”  ~ Mom (Sandy Emberland)


(JoAnne Franzenburg far left, Dahila Garcia center, April Samuels far right)
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